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Hikes and excursions

1 - From the Post office to Via Mangiagalli, taking the trail for Esio, you will reach in 35 minutes this little Alpine village, the oldest one of the valley (anno 1000); visit the church with its central colonnade and the remaining of a tomb that dates back to the low Romanic period. You will get down the valley (Ponte Aurano) in 30 minutes. Caprezzo in 1,30 hours; Intragna in 1,30 hours.

2 - From the Post Office to Via Mangiagalli, you will reach the Scluvit; the directions will lead you to a narrow winding trail, to the little chapel (Cappelletta) of Esio in 20 minutes; you can return to Premeno taking the Provincial (main) road in 30 minutes. View over the central part of the lake.

3 - From the little Alpine village of Esio, you can reach Aurano passing by the little cemetery; the valley can be reached in 30 minutes, the village of Aurano in 1,30 hours and Scareno in 2 hours. Premeno, Aurano, Scareno, Mount Zeda (2157m) direct 6 hours; view over the whole higher part of the valley.
4 - From Esio, to a trail that starts on the right (Via ai Monti), you go up for half an hour to Medèe (mountain pasture of Esio). At Cortaccio you will get to a trail on the right which leads to Belvedere Superiore del Tornicco. From Medèe you will reach Pian di Sole (Piazzale Cadorna in 1 hour). View: the whole higher part of the Intrasca Valley and the peaks of the Zeda mountain group.

5 - From Tornicco Belvedere Superiore, after having drunk some fresh water from the Lithia source of Tornicco, taking the Miravalle trail, you will reach the foot of the Sasso Corbèe in 20 minutes. Proceeding to the Medèe (20 minutes) you will reach Pian di Sole in an hour. Before Medèe, in the Cortaccio region, on the left, you will meet the trail that goes down to Esio. View over the whole Mount Rosa group, over the Toce valley, Miazzina, Pian Cavallone, and the Zeda group. We suggest you to do this trail in the morning.

6 - From Pian di Sole (Piazzale Cadorna), taking the military trail to Rien and Ma negra, after the Rialedella Cappelletta and the Riale delle Spine, you can take the trail on the right hand side to the hamlet of Manegra, one hour. View: Intrasca Valley with the mountain chain of the Zeda Group; at Manegra, view over Lake Maggiore towards Locarno. Manegra Prativa (meadows) is ideal for morning hikes with packed lunches.

7 - From Pian di Sole (Piazzale della Chiesa and Golf entrance), trail to the right, you will reach the Peak of Pizzo d'Omo in 20 minutes, crossing partly the Pineta (pinewood). View: To the East, the whole central part of Lake Maggiore until Locarno; the mountain chain of the Zeda Group and the mountains on the Swiss border. Wholesome early morning or late afternoon hike amidst conifers.

8 - From Pizzo d'Omo on a trail that crosses the higher and central part of the pinewood., you will reach the Western ridge of the trail that goes down to Manegra.

9 - From the village of Pollino on an uphill trail, you leave to the left the Parish Church, you will reach the tiny Chapel of S. Giuseppe with the fresh water source of the same name in 20 minutes; the trail will reach on a middle coastline the Lucra (mountain pasture) and Manegra in one hour. View: the whole central part of the lake, the Lombardy coast and mountain chain with on the background the Generoso Group; straight down the Gonte di Oggebbio and in the distance to the left in the lake, the castles of Cannero, ancient dwelling of the Mazzarditis. Early morning or late afternoon hike, rather tough mountain trail.

10 - From the Junction of the Miralago trail, to the right, you will reach the village of Pollino in 30 minutes. View: part of the central area of the lake and Pollino with its pastures.

11 - From Premeno, Via Marconi, from the curve of Villa Confalonieri, you can take the trail that leads to Miralago (marvellous hillock), from Premeno 40 minutes. View: the whole central part of the lake, the Lombardy coast., the Swiss mountains and the Generoso Group.

12 - From Premeno, Via Perelli Paradisi, you reach the trail of Pianezza Grande which leads to the village of Pollino in 40 minutes. Hike amidst chestnut woods.

13 - From Via per Pollino, to the right, near the cemetery, you can take the trail that leads to Pollino, crossing the mountain pasture of Bagno (20 minutes); hike amidst pastures and chestnut woods.

14 - To Via Marconi and on the height of the Villa Speranza to the right you can take the narrow trail that leads to the Pianezza Grande in 20 minutes. Short way to reach Pollino or to return to Premeno. Hike amidst pastures and chestnut woods.

15 - From Via Perelli Paradisi, after the annex of Villa Calvi, to the right a former country road, a trail later, leads to the ancient Roccolo and the Fontanaccia. Amidst pastures and chestnut trees, the trail proceeds to reach Pianezza Grande in 20 minutes.

16 - From the village of Pollino, a trail through pastures leads on a short cut to Belvedere di Pollino in 20 minutes. Panoramic point which dominates the whole Lake Maggiore; the pinewoods of Pian di Sole and Tornicco behind us and Premeno to the west create a magnificent panoramic background.

17 - From S. Salvatore, a trail on the ridge to the south leads to trail number 18; the hike of S. Salvatore on a middle coastline with return to the village of Premeno from the west or east (30 minutes). View: the central part of the lake and the Conca del Cimolo with the smiling village of Pian Nava at our feet.

18 - From Villa Alfieri you can reach a tiny Chapel; you proceed, leaving to our left the hike to Albagnano, crossing on a middle coastline the whole Colle di S. Salvatore till the old road to Pian Nava and then returning to Premeno. Panoramic view over the whole central part of the lake and the Borromeo Islands.

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